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PostSubject: General Information   Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:24 am

It's Christmas in San Francisco and all the Characters are getting ready and celebrating the traditional time of year. Also at the same time arranging donation money for Timmy's operation. Carface under Belladonna however plot and scheme to ruin this Christmas forever.
Now it's up to Charlie, Itchy and the rest to knock some sense back into Carface and bring him to the Christmas Spirit through Original Charles Dickens Tale Of showing Carface Christmas Past, Present and Future
An All Dogs Christmas Carol is the last and final Movie of All Dogs Go To Heaven and final episode of All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series.
Will Charlie and the rest manage to succeed in bringing Carface to their side or will they lose Timmy?
Watch and get into the spirit of Christmas as the Dogs Go Christmas this time in this interesting adventure.


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General Information
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