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PostSubject: General Information:   Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:21 am

All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 is the sequel to the movie All Dogs Go To Heaven, in which Charlie‘s story continues. While in Heaven, Charlie is fed up in with his dull life there and needed something to spice it up. As we left off in All Dogs Go To Heaven, Itchy was left back on Earth and now is reunited with Charlie in Heaven. Carface, who never changes, finds Gabriel’s horn (a mystical horn that is said to open the gates to allow dogs to come to Heaven) and steals it. Although trying to make his way back to Earth he loses the horn in the “Heart of San Francisco.” Now a crisis has arisen in Heaven in which Charlie and Itchy must retrieve the horn before it falls into the wrong hands.
Charlie, only concerned about himself, (typical Charlie) ignores the task at hand and decides to have some entertainment instead, while Itchy is nagging him to get back on track. Realizing unable to touch or feel being a literal “ghost” as Itchy claims, (actually angels) Charlie becomes eager to become alive again to win over Sasha la Fleur an Irish Setter who steals his heart. Now Carface, finding the opportunity to get a benefit out of Charlie, introduces him to Red (a supposable dog) who gives Charlie a mystical Collar with the catch that “He will only be visible till sundown.” Not knowing the real plot behind the collars. Charlie with Itchy, after they follow Sasha, meet David. A kid with a craze for magic who ran away from home due to as Charlie would put it “Kid problems.”
Now will Charlie fall into Carface and Red’s evil plot? Or will he be able to secure the horn and win Sasha over as well as get David back home? (Which you’d consider a mouth full of tasks just reading it) Uncover the answer in this thrilling tale of romance and leisure: All Dogs Go To Heaven 2.

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